In Home Holistic Massage (Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Puerto Morelos)

Holistic Massage l ALOEE Wellness

Experience more than just a massage; delve into an ancient healing method that authentically transcends your emotional state, reinstates harmony, and enhances mental clarity, focus, and mood!


Beyond the conventional relief of muscle tension offered by regular massages, holistic massages uniquely dissolve emotional blockages, energetically restore harmony, and impart a sense of emotional well-being, leaving you feeling happier, lighter, and more relaxed.


Therapeutic Massage: The healer will apply acupressure on your pressure points to release soul blocks and muscular tension throughout the body. Each healer may employ their unique pressure points and strength levels.

Energetic Bodywork: Your healers will use unique technics (rituals, reiki, emotional reading, etc.) to connect with your higher being, cleanse energy and/or read bodily emotions.

Music & Aromatherapy: Energetic cleansing with copal, incense and/or premium essential oils


Myrna Almanza l Playa del Carmen

Born with a special gift, Myrna is naturally in tuned with energy, and able to see colors of one’s aura. Her massage is customized to personal needs, combined with reiki and chakra alignment, and magnified by crystals and sound bowls.

Myrna Holistic Massage l ALOEE Wellness

60 Mins $100 USD $80 USD l 90 Mins $120 USD 99 USD

Shekina Israel l ALOEE Wellness

Shekiná Israel l Tulum

Shekiná Israel is a healer & psychic who uses her intuitive abilities to heal and uplift human consciousness. She helps empower others to awaken and heal themselves through their senses (specialized in herbs, oils, and crystals), by crafting unique and impactful experiences, using her extensive knowledge of spirituality, psychology, neurobiology and quantum physics.

60 Mins $100 USD $85 USD

Gisele Holistic Massage l ALOEE Wellness

Gisela & Natalie l Playa del Carmen

Gisela and Natalie compliment each others’ gifts to provide clients a comprehensive healing approach with massages, reiki, and emotional reading. They specialize in couples’ bonding experiences.

2.5-3 Hrs $150 USD Per Person l $200 USD Per Couple

Edgar Espartza l Puerto Morelos

An indigenous shaman, who trained with the Mayan Massage Master Oxte, utilizes deep tissue massage combined with energy healing to target specific areas and release tension.

Edgar Mayan Massage l ALOEE Wellness

2.5-3 Hrs l $150 USD

Holistic Healing l ALOEE Wellness

Nadya l Playa del Carmen

Certified Massage Therapist & Reiki Master with 7+ years of experience. Nadya’s healing approach combines relaxation massage with reiki healing & chakra alignment to help with stress, depressions, and limiting believes.

90 Mins l $120 USD $99 USD

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