Healing Retreat Service Agreement

By booking any Healing Retreat service provided by StarQuest (“we” “us” “our” “ours”), represented by Edgar Igor Esparza Tovar, hosted on www.aloeewellness.com, you, on behalf of yourself and all persons included in your booking, (subsequently all referred as “you” “your” “yours”), accept the following terms:

1. By booking this service, you accept this Service Agreement on behalf of yourself and all persons included in your booking, and you acknowledge that you have shared this Service Agreement with all persons included in your booking and gained their consent. 

2. We have outlined the health conditions below that are not eligible for the ceremonies, and like any medicine, there is a certain amount of risk associated.  We do our due diligence to ensure your safety, however, it is your sole responsibility to confirm with a physician or certified medical professional whether you have the necessary health conditions and suitability to participate in the ceremonies.  StarQuest, ALOEE Co. (“ALOEE”) or any 3rd party involved are not financially or morally responsible for any physical or mental damage, loss, injury, disability and health problems and their consequences that may arise during the time the clients (you) receive the service for any reason and at any times. With this Agreement, hereby, you accept and declare that all the aforementioned risks and responsibilities belong to you and other participant(s) in your booking, and therefore willingly waive all liability from StarQuest, Edgar Igor Esparza Tovar, and ALOEE Co. 

3. For your safety purpose, we can not accept anyone to participate in the ceremonies with any of the following conditions – you will not be allowed to take any plant medicine (but can participate in the activities without medicine) without refund. Please ensure you do not have any of the following conditions or consult with ALOEE Co. and StarQuest first: 

  • If you have heart problems, such as tachycardia, murmur, wearing a pacemaker or have had a recent surgery or any complications.

  • If you are undergoing medical treatment or having serious health problems, infectious or highly contagious diseases.

  • Advanced high or low blood pressure, schizophrenia, advanced diabetes, high-risk pregnancy, epilepsy, cancer, liver or kidney diseases, hypertension, diabetes, hyperthyroidism (hyper active thyroid) or any health disorders.

  • If you have had a stroke previously or currently recovering from one.

  • If you have had any surgery, especially in any part of the digestive system, less than 3 months prior to the booking

  • If you have liver diseases, had liver transplant, or any special health conditions related to liver or kidney (i.e. single kidney, cirrhosis, less than whole livers, etc.)

  • If you are on any types of prescription medications, or using contraceptives (i.e. birth control pills) that interfere with your hormones

  • If you are taking vitamins and supplements that may increase your heart beat or contains blood thinner

  • If you use a nervous system inhibitor or anti-psychotics

  • Addiction or regular use of cocaine or any other type of substance/synthetic drugs

  • If you are in treatment for mental illness, such as double-personality or bipolar or if you are on medication that stimulates serotonin for the brain.

  • Severe allergies for insect bites. 

  • If you are significantly challenged with your mobility.  

​4. StarQuest ceremonies are journeys within ourselves to our higher self. However, the Ceremonies are not a detox program, nor a substitute for medical treatment. They do not include any form of medical care or the provision of medication.  It is not meant to cure any physical ailments.  StarQuest team members are not licensed therapists or medical professionals.  The ceremonies or service programs. 

5. This is a sacred quest and a spiritual journey. We ask all participants to honor and respect one another, as well as our native traditions.  To ensure everyone’s safety and an enjoyable experience, we may ask you to leave the premise immediately (with no refund or reschedule possibility) if you exhibit any of the following behaviors: 

  • ​Use of any illegal drug (defined by Mexican law), being high or drunk

  • Having a weapon of any kind

  • Sexual, physical or verbal harassment/insult to any person, or posing any potential threat to anyone’s safety.

  • Being disrespectful to another person

6. You agree to the following Cancelation Policy:

  • Due to the significant effort/cost to prepare for the retreat, the retreat payment is non-refundable with less than 21-day notice (not including the date of the cancelation request) prior to your retreat start date. Appointments canceled with less than a 21 day notice will be charged full price of the retreat.

  • If retreat booking is canceled with a minimum 21 day notice (not including the date of the cancelation request), we will gladly refund 50% of your total retreat cost (minus 5% payment processing fee).

  • We will always try our best to offer you alternative dates within 90 days from the original booking for rescheduling if availability allows. But we cannot guarantee an immediate date for you.
  • It is your sole responsibility to contact us timely for reschedule/cancelation. 

StarQuest and ALOEE Wellness may change cancelation policies and/or service terms at any time without notice. It is your responsibility to check the most up to date information on www.aloeewellness.com/cancelation-policy. 

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