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Connect with your source energy. Heal your physical and emotional pain in a way that transcends time and space. Sense the healing touch of ocean waves and the jungle sounds by the beautiful Caribbean ocean.

Your Journey. Your Way

Finding Peace, Purpose, Joy, and Connection through Plant Medicine Retreats

Your healing begins here in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, home to the Mayan Civilization since 2600BC. Restore balance, harmony and peace with transformative Healing Retreats featuring Ayahuasca/Peyote/Mushroom Healing. Your experienced Shaman will take you on a spiritual journey to re-align your energy flow, in the lush Mayan jungle by the ocean. 

It’s designed to allow personal flexibility: you choose your medicine, a date that fits your schedule, how long your retreat lasts, and how you’d like to spend your free time. ​ Choose from a selection of carefully curated complimentary healing activities in Puerto Morelos and nearby cities such as Tulum, and Playa del Carmen. 

Our Healing Philosophy

Harmonious Energy

Contrary to Western medicine, the indigenous healing focus not on the manifestations (such as pain and physical symptoms), but on the cause, such as emotional blockage, mental attitude, stress, and trauma. Pills and surgeries are only band aid solutions. In order to effectively reduce the pain, one needs to understand the cause, and regain a harmonious energy flow that begins the healing process.

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Why Choose Us

We specialize in world-class digitalization and customer experience design. Our partners, reputable indigenous healers from Mexico and internationally, bring their knowledge of ancient wisdom and mastery in sacred plant medicine. As a result we offer you authentic and effective healing experiences, which are typically hard to access.

Further more, 20% of all proceeds are donated towards indigenous children’s education.

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Powerful Healing

Ayahuasca retreat l ALOEE Wellness

Experienced & Trusted

Ayahuasca retreat l ALOEE Wellness

Safe & Caring

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Unique & Flexible

Be An Hero

Easy & Convenient

Choose A Retreat Option Best For You

Package A

1 Day Plant Medicine Retreat

Non-stop intense healing with plant medicine and complimentary activities

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Package B

2 Day Holistic Healing Retreat

Everything in Package A, plus additional wellness, beach and culinary experiences

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Package C

3 Day Holiday Healing Retreat

Everything in Package B, plus a private tour of the best nearby beaches and cenotes

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Book A Consultation

$20USD consultation fee will be credited towards your retreat booking within 30 days after the consultation.

Pick a date & time in your time zone, and follow the flow. Your booking is confirmed AFTER successful payment (incomplete bookings will be removed after 15 mins).

Ask Info $ 20 30 min.
Change timezone from the following list if you are booking from a different geographical area 

People loved their experiences


The Ayahuasca retreat is an unforgettable experience with the potential to change a life…I hold a remarkable memory from it, forever etched in my soul. I’ll be back very soon.


Past Participant


The Ayahuasca retreat was truly incredible. Highly recommend to anybody who wants to explore Ayahuasca. I did tonnes of research before choosing them. Everything was handled so well, very safe.


Past Participant


The service was super professional yet still raw and authentic! It was truly life changing. I have tried ayahuasca ceremonies before but this is the most intimate and soul changing experience!


Past Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Healing Retreats right for?

If you wish to unleash your full potential (whatever that means to you), expand your mental, spiritual or emotional capacity; if you’d like to gain a deeper understanding of your (childhood) trauma and heal from it; if you struggle with physical illness, addiction, severe stress, anxiety, or mental blockage; or if you’d like to have more clarity, purpose, connection, joy, and love. This is the right place for you to start. 

How can Healing Retreats help me?

It’s becoming quite evident that our mind has incredible capacity and enormous impact on our physical, emotional and mental health. While the modern medicine gives more attention on physical illnesses, it’s been overlooking the causes and the connection between body-mind-spirit.  With the help of ancient rituals and plant medicines such as ayahuasca, peyote and mushroom, these healing retreats are specifically designed to help you open your mind to what’s possible, so you can continue the journey to a happier, more purposeful and loving life.  

Is it safe? 

When administered properly, these medicines will be very helpful in your healing journey. However, there’s risk associated with every medicine. That’s why you need to choose an experienced team specialized in these medicines, and we always encourage you to discuss with your physicians first. We take your safety very seriously, with a pre-screening health questionnaire and detailed instructions for preparation. Your Shaman, Edgar, has dedicated his entire life mastering ayahuasca, peyote, and mushroom, and has been serving as a Shaman for over 20 years. He will have a 1:1 conversation with each guest first to understand your intention, physical condition and prior experience (if any) and personalize the experience. During the ceremony, the medicine will be administered in several rounds starting from a low dosage and slowly increase if necessary. You’ll also be looked after by experienced facilitators every step away during your retreat to ensure your comfort and safety.

Who is the Shaman? 

Your Shaman, Edgar Esparza, is an experienced indigenous healer with over 20 years of experience with plant medicine and healing ceremonies. He was given the blessing (an indigenous tradition similar to a certification process) by the elders from Yucatan, home to the ancient Maya Civilization and the healing practices since 2600 B.C. Since childhood, Edgar has been learning healing rituals and plant medicine, passed on for generations. After personal ups and downs in life, he dedicated his life to healing others through spiritual work and plant medicine. He is a gentle and compassionate leader, who retains the most powerful rituals of the Amazon. Many of the people he has helped speak about the transformational results.  He speaks Spanish and English besides his native indigenous language. 

Where are the plant medicines from?  

The power medicines, Ayahuasca, Peyote, and Magic Mushroom, are provided through ethical sources around the Amazon, and carefully prepared by your Shaman in Puerto Morelos. Ingredients for Ayahuasca are sourced from Pucallpa, Peru, while Peyote and Magic Mushrooms are collected/sourced in Mexico.

How big is the group for each retreat? 

We keep our groups very intimate in order to maintain authenticity and quality. Max is 10 people, however, most of the time it’s around 2-4 people. If you prefer to have a private experience, you can book a private booking ($100USD private booking fee) on any day of the week (provided not conflicting with existing booking schedule).

How early/late can I book?  

We encourage you to book 4-6 weeks early to allow yourself to prepare for this sacred experience, especially if you are on long-term medications.  However, you can book as soon as 3 days in advance if you wish. Generally, most guests allow themselves 1-4 weeks to prepare depending on their lifestyle and health condition.

When is it available? 

Retreats start on Tuesdays & Fridays weekly, finishing time depends on your package. Refer to each package’s details page for details and availability.

Restricted Medical Conditions Healing Retreats 

Certain medical conditions may complicate the healing effect. To ensure your safety, we highly recommend you consult your health professional before booking any ayahuasca, peyote or mushroom healing. We won’t be able to accept you in the ceremony (especially for ayahuasca and peyote) if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Heart disease, such as tachycardia, murmur, wearing a pacemaker or have had a recent surgery or any complications
  • Undergoing medical treatment or having serious health problems, infectious or highly contagious diseases
  • Advanced high or low blood pressure, schizophrenia, advanced diabetes, high-risk pregnancy, epilepsy, cancer, liver or kidney diseases, hypertension, diabetes, hyperthyroidism (hyper active thyroid) or any health disorders
  • Previously or currently recovering from a stroke
  • Surgery in any part of the digestive system, less than 3 months prior to the retreat.
  • Liver disease, liver transplant, or any special health conditions related to liver or kidney (i.e. single kidney, cirrhosis, less than whole livers, etc.
  • Using prescription medications or contraceptives (i.e. birth control pills) that may interfere with your hormones
  • Taking vitamins or supplements that may increase your heart beat or contain blood thinner
  • Mental illness, such as double-personality or bipolar or if you are on medication that stimulates serotonin for the brain
  • Use a nervous system inhibitor or anti-psychotics
  • Addiction or regular use of cocaine or any other type of substance/synthetic drugs
  • Severe allergies for insect bites
  • Significantly challenged with mobility

How far is it from the Airport? 

Puerto Morelos is a short 30 min ride away from the Cancun Airport, 30 min away from Playa del Carmen, or 1.5 hrs from Tulum.

How do I get to the Retreat? 

Puerto Morelos is conveniently located between Cancun and Playa del Carmen (30 mins from each). You can take a taxi, or ADO (air conditioned coach bus) from Cancun International Airport as well as major cities to Puerto Morelos. We can also arrange private transportation for you ($100USD each way up to 3 people from/to Cancun Airport).

Where do I stay? 

The first overnight stay is included in your package (part of the ceremony). If you need accommodation for additional night(s), we can provide affordable, comfortable, and nearby booking recommendations in Puerto Morelos (nightly rates vary by season and criteria but generally range from $20USD-80USD/night).  

What to prepare for the Healing Retreat? 

Once you complete your registration, you’ll receive a detailed instruction email to help you prepare for the retreat to achieve the optimal outcome. Generally speaking, we recommend you eat basic, blend foods without animal products (e.g. red meat, diary) 1-2 weeks days leading up to the retreat.  At least 1 week prior, eliminate artificial sugar, spicy and processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco (and/or other recreational drugs) and abstain from sexual activities. You should also increase vegetable and water intake (ideally a vegan diet leading up to the retreat), rest and light exercise. 

What’s the Cancelation Policy?

Due to the significant effort/cost to prepare for the retreat, the retreat payment is non-refundable with less than 21-day notice (not including the date of the cancelation request) prior to your retreat start date. Appointments canceled with less than a 21 day notice will be charged full price of the retreat.  However, we will always try our best to offer you alternative dates within 90 days from the original booking for rescheduling if availability permits. Cancelations with a minimum 21 day notice (not including the date of the cancelation request) are eligible for 50% refund of total retreat price (minus 5% payment processing fee). 

Why 21 days? We need to pay for and prepare for your retreat well in advance. Shaman Edgar sources powerful plants from Peru and other parts of the Amazon, then hand crafts the medicine for each guest. The medicine process takes 21 days, while other preparations take place from the day you book.

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